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Fibre Way Closure

Posted on 17th May 2018 at 06:33

Truck and worker traffic is moving again on Fibre Way and Industrial Way, following a large fuel spill that took place yesterday morning following a crash. Longview Police say that the crash happened around 10:30 am, when a semi and a smaller truck collided in the intersection. There were no injuries in the collision, but a fuel tank was ruptured, spilling about 100 gallons of diesel fuel onto the roadway. The intersection was shut down while Carl’s brought in their heavy trucks, and Cowlitz Clean Sweep came in to deal with the spill. The westbound lanes of Industrial Way re-opened at 12:15 pm, followed five minutes later by the opening of the eastbound lanes. One driver was warned by police for going around a roadblock; one of the drivers involved in the crash was also cited. Names have not yet been released.