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Filing Opens

Posted on 14th May 2013 at 16:09

Filing for this year’s election cycle opened up on Monday, and it took just over 90 minutes to get our first contested race, as C. J. Nickerson files for the Longview School Board seat now held by Jerry Stinger. Nickerson filed at 9:26 yesterday morning, followed by Stinger’s filing at 9:34 am. A third contender came in at about 12:30, as Darrell Hal Smith also filed for the position now held by Stinger. It looks like we may also have a second contested Longview School Board post, as J. D. Rosetti files for the position that’s currently being held by James Campbell. 26 people filed for this year’s election, most of them being current incumbents. Current Woodland City Council member John “JJ” Burke is apparently looking for a new position, filing for a Port of Woodland Commission post that’s currently occupied by Jerry Peterson. Leon “Lee” Kessler is also filing for a Castle Rock City Council seat that’s now held by Glenn Pingree. Amber Buck is also going after the Kalama School Board seat that Shannon Barnett currently holds. Filing continues until 5 pm on Friday.