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Filing Update

Posted on 16th May 2018 at 09:00

Filing Week continues in Washington State, and we have another contested legislative race that’s coming up. Joel McIntire of Cathlamet is filing for Representative Position 2 in the 19th District, the seat that’s currently held by Brian Blake of Longview. Blake is a Democrat, while McIntire is filing as a Republican.

There are now two contested District Court Judge races. Chelsea Baldwin of Longview filed for District Court Position 1 on Monday, which was followed yesterday by Debra L. Burchett of Longview. For the Position 2 on the District Court, M. Jamie Imboden of Longview filed on Monday, and then Corey Larson of Longview filed for that position yesterday. Both current District Court judges plan to retire at the end of their current terms; voters will also be selecting a first-ever third District Court Judge position. Filing Week continues until 4 pm on Friday.