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Filter Failure

Posted on 28th January 2011 at 09:18

An emergency has been declared at the Longview Water Treatment Plant, as plant operators are once again dealing with a filter failure at the facility. Longview City Manager Bob Gregory says that this is pretty much identical to other recent filter failures. Gregory says that the problem was discovered on the 12th of this month, when the plant operators noticed a failure in the filtration media on filter number one. He says that this is similar to filter failures that took place in May of 2006, April of 2007, and February of 2008. The repair will include a rebuilding of the filter floor, installation of new underdrains, and replacement of the filter media. The repair is projected to cost about $150,000, with 85 percent coming from Longview’s Water Utility, and 15 percent coming from the Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District, as a part-owner of the plant.