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Fireworks on Sale

Posted on 28th June 2013 at 16:53

Starting at noon today, sales of off-reservation fireworks opens up in Washington state, and with that comes the annual reminder of the need to be safe with these devices. The Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office says that “personal fireworks require personal responsibility.” State Fire Marshal Charles M. Duffy says that you need to be aware of local regulations regarding fireworks, and you also need to be cognizant of the legal dates and times for shooting those fireworks off. Statewide, the legal hours for discharging fireworks is from noon to 11 pm today, and from 9 am to 11 pm tomorrow through July 3rd, also on July 5th. On the 4th, the legal times for shooting off fireworks is extended until midnight. Be sure to have adult supervision whenever fireworks are being lit, and take proper safety precautions. Also be considerate afterward, and clean up the debris and detritus from your celebration. Duffy says that you need to keep the “Three B’s” for fireworks at the front of your mind; “Be Prepared, Be Safe and Be Responsible.”