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FPC Outreach

Posted on 30th April 2013 at 16:02

If you’re living inside the boundaries of the Longview School District, expect to see and hear quite a bit of information on the work that the School Board is doing in regard to facilities management. At last night’s study session, the School Board approved a communications plan dealing with this issue, with “phase 1” to be implemented in May and June. Board President Jerry Stinger says that it’s a wide-ranging effort…The district plans to use a variety of methods to get information on the issues that the district is facing, including newsletters, e-mail messages, press releases to local media, reader commentaries in local publications, weekly employee bulletins and web page messages. They also plan to distribute comment cards, and will work to get out to community groups to relay this information. In June, the district plans to conduct a survey, which will be conducted in three separate ways, on-line, on paper, and also including a statistically valid phone survey. Other community engagement efforts will include “listening post” sessions, meetings between the School Board and district staff, and small group meetings. There will also be an effort to seek out and engage “underrepresented populations,” to make sure their input is also included. District officials say that once this first phase is completed, they’ll collect and present the information to the School Board, and then a second phase may be developed and implemented.