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FPC Work

Posted on 23rd April 2013 at 15:46

As work continues on the review of the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee report, the Longview School Board is homing in on the message that they want to present to the community as this process moves ahead. In last night’s study session, work began on the Communications Plan for the FPC review; Board President Jerry Stinger says that they want to be clear, concise and consistent when they speak with people…studysession…Lori Simpson, the Executive Director of Communications and Public Engagement with ESD 112, is joining in the work on preparing the communications piece for the School Board, helping Sandi Catt in walking through the main issues that they want to discuss. In last night’s session, the School Board settled on the parameters of what should be included in the plan. Catt and Simpson will now develop a comprehensive, month-by-month plan, involving a wide spectrum of methods and media of communicating and soliciting input from all sectors of the community. They plan to present that to the School Board at next Monday’s study session.

Meanwhile, teachers are complaining that they’re being shut out of this process, and are calling for a reboot of the whole deal. LEA President Jo Perkins delivered a message to the School Board, saying that the School Board should reject the plan presented by the Facilities Planning Committee, and should begin again with a new committee that includes extensive involvement by teachers. There was no comment from the Board at last night’s meeting.