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Franklin Arrested

Posted on 25th April 2014 at 16:26

He’s been on the Kelso City Council for only a few months, but the remaining term of 34 year-old Jared Franklin could be in jeopardy after his arrest Wednesday afternoon on charges of hit-and-run and Driving while suspended. The arrest stems from a two-car crash that took place at about 4:45 Wednesday afternoon, at the intersection of 15th and Hemlock; Ansel Webster, a student at LCC, says that this started getting fishy when Franklin offered to pay cash for the damage that was done. Longview Police say that Webster had been eastbound on Hemlock, and was waiting at the light as Franklin was southbound on 15th. As Franklin tried to make a turn, he reportedly lost control of the truck he was driving, and crashed into Webster’s Jeep. The two men pulled into the O’Reilly’s parking lot, and that’s where Franklin allegedly made his cash offer. After Webster said that he needed to call the Police, Franklin reportedly asked him not to do that, also pointing out that he was on the Kelso City Council. At that Franklin supposedly left his phone number and drove away. Longview Police say that Franklin left no other information, which is a violation of state law. Longview Police did get information on the rig that Franklin was driving, which apparently was owned by his girlfriend, who lives in Longview. Officers went to that house, where the woman said that Franklin had been driving her rig. Franklin was spotted walking nearby, but when Officers asked to talk with him, he allegedly denied that’s who he was. They say that there was a brief scuffle before Franklin was arrested. Franklin spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning in the Cowlitz County Jail, and is now free after posting bail of 15 hundred dollars. The incident may or may not affect Franklin’s service on the Kelso City Council, as the City Charter directs that Council members convicted of crimes of “moral turpitude” be removed, but that term hasn’t been clearly defined.