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Franklin Update

Posted on 29th April 2014 at 15:42

Even if he’s convicted on charges of hit-and-run, driving while suspended and failure to provide proof of insurance, it appears that Jared Franklin, 34, will be able to keep his seat on the Kelso City Council. Franklin was arrested last Wednesday, picked up after a two-car crash that took place at 15th and Hemlock. In today’s Daily News, Kelso City Manager Steve Taylor says that the severity of the crimes doesn’t rise to the level needed to require Franklin’s resignation. Under Washington state law and the Kelso City Charter, council members are required to resign if they are convicted of a felony, or an “offense of moral turpitude.” Taylor says that these incidents don’t meet the level needed to require a resignation, even if he were convicted. Franklin challenges the police version of events, claiming that he did leave information with the other driver. Over the weekend, TDN reported that Franklin has previous felony convictions in Utah, Idaho and Arizona, but Franklin now says that he has straightened out his life, being completely sober since 2010. Franklin was elected to the Kelso City Council last November, after running unopposed for the position that Kim Lefebvre declined to run for again.