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Friday Closures

Posted on 11th December 2015 at 05:59

Due to issues connected to the flooding, “Christmas in Kalama” events that had been planned for today, tomorrow and Sunday are being cancelled for this year. At this time, the first-ever “Festival of Lighted Boats” is still going on, starting at 5 pm Saturday at Marine Park in Kalama.

Kelso and Longview schools are closed again today, as staff members continue to have problems in getting through from the south of us. Kelso and Longview Head Start/EHS/ECEAP sits are also closed today.

Kalama Schools are open on the standard bell schedule, but there are some adjustments. Bus 90 will start its route on Kalama River Road and Old Pacific Highway at 7:55 am, and will continue along Meeker Drive. That bus will NOT travel on the Kalama River Road or Mountain View Road. Bus 2 will NOT travel on Kalama River Road, Italian Creek Road or Kelly Road. Bus 39 will NOT travel on Modrow Road, Bates Road and Spencer Creek Road north of Vivian Road. Riders can meet that bus at Vivian Road at 7:50 am. Other buses are on regular routes. Contact Kalama Schools if you have questions.

Vernonia Schools also re-open today, F and G Street Riders will catch their bus at the E Street stop.