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Garage Sale Crackdown

Posted on 29th March 2011 at 07:46

The City of Kelso is implementing new rules regarding garage sales inside the city limits, looking to set standards for the events. Community Development Director Mike Kerins tells the Daily News that one of the goals is to shut down the “perpetual” garage sales that are going on in some places in town. The city is now setting standards, allowing a single event to three consecutive days, with no more than four sales allowed on a particular property in one year. Kerins says that they have been some isolated incidents of people having “garage sales” in vacant storefronts, or on residential property for a week or even longer. The City Council adopted the new standards earlier this month, as part of a zoning code update. The new standards also prohibit garage sale signs on public rights-of way, and posting sings on private property can’t be posted without permission of the property owner. Full details are available from the Community Development Department.