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Garbage OK

Posted on 28th May 2010 at 08:37

The U. S. Department of Agriculture is giving its OK to Seattle-based Hawaiian Waste Systems, issuing a “finding of no significant impact” on the company’s application to ship garbage from Oahu to a landfill in Klickitat County. The FONSI was issued yesterday, after months of review by federal officials. Larry Hawkins with the USDA says that this now clears the way for development of a compliance agreement, and once that’s in place, the Hawaiian Waste Systems will be able to start shipping the garbage from Hawaii to Washington. It’s planned that the containers of shrink-wrapped bales will come by barge, then will be transferred to rail cars or trucks at the Port of Longview. Hawkins says that the compliance agreement can be settled in a day or two, but it’s unclear exactly when the first barge might arrive in Longview. It’s also planned that federal inspectors will monitor the handling of the trash in both Hawaii and in Washington.