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Garbage Rates

Posted on 25th September 2013 at 15:56

Looking to help pay for the acquisition of the Headquarters Landfill, the Cowlitz County Commissioners are approving a hike in the solid waste disposal fees, boosting those fees from $37.70 per ton to $49 per ton, starting on December 1st. County Solid Waste Manager Don Olson says that it’s a difficult, but necessary move…landfillrates…Even with this rate hike, Cowlitz County will continue to have some of the lowest solid waste disposal rates in Western Washington. The rate hike will help to pay the debt service on a $35 million bond that the county plans to take out in connection with the purchase of the landfill from Weyerhaeuser, along with construction of a pipeline that would take contaminated waste water from the landfill to the County Water Treatment Plant. This was actually the second time that the County Commissioners had taken this action; a previous vote was invalidated, when it was determined that they hadn’t held a public hearing, as is required by state law.