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Girl Taken

Posted on 24th October 2013 at 16:07

A three year-old Kelso girl is in the custody of Child Protective Services, after Kelso Police reportedly found the girl and her mother out in the cold early on Tuesday morning, with the mother suffering the effects of taking meth. It’s reported that Kelso Police had several contacts with the woman in recent days, all dealing with erratic behavior. Each time police contacted the woman, she was wrapped in a blanket, carrying the toddler. When KPD was called to the woman’s apartment early Tuesday morning, the woman and child were outside, once again wrapped in a blanket. Police say that the woman was incoherent, and was unable to respond to the questions from officers. The woman was directed to go back into the apartment, with a visit to be coming from a social worker. Less than a half-hour later, a person driving through the area reported seeing the woman walking down the road, wrapped in a blanket and carrying the child. At that time, officers returned mother and daughter to their apartment, which was in poor condition. Officers took the girl to the Kelso Police Department, where she was changed into some warmer clothes and got something to eat. CPS arrived later and took custody of the girl, while the mother was taken to St. John Medical Center. There, she reportedly admitted to using meth; at this time, it’s not known if she’ll be facing any charges.