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Government Summit–

Posted on 27th May 2010 at 08:37

It’s been determined that combining the county’s libraries into one district would not save taxpayers any money. Today’s Daily News reports on last night’s fifth “Reshaping Local Government” summit, where the committee examining library services made a report. Mary Jane Melink with the Longview City Council says that after several months of study, her committee has discovered that a combined Cowlitz County regional library district would either cost more taxpayer dollars, or services would be lost. Melink says that her committee found that most people in the community have access to library services, except being able to check out materials. It’s noted that out-of-town residents are paying fees for library cards, and there’s been no citizen drive to try and set up the tax system for a library district. Longview Library Director Chris Skaugset says that it would be nice to have a county-wide system, but now doesn’t appear to be the right time. The committee working on parks also made a presentation, discussing its proposal for a “Five Rivers Parks District;” that committee is now making presentations to the city councils, asking for support of a resolution to form the district, also putting it up for a public vote in February of next year.