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Granby Raised

Posted on 17th September 2013 at 16:01

The Department of Ecology says that the 84 year-old fishing trawler that sank near the Willow Grove Yacht Club on August 27th is once again above the surface. DOE says that the 75-foot “Granby” was raised yesterday, and that salvage operations are continuing. They say that the sinking has been traced to a broken exhaust port, which caused water to come in through a two-inch hole in the vessel’s hull. That hole has been repaired. Containment booms remain in place around the “Granby,” as there’s still some residual diesel oil in its fuel tanks. The owner of the boat, Mark Baker of Vader, is paying all of the costs connected to the cleanup and recovery of the vessel. He hasn’t said yet what his plans are for the boat.