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Granby Update

Posted on 5th September 2013 at 15:45

The Washington Department of Emergency Management asked for an update on the situation with the fishing boat that sank last week near the Willow Grove Yacht Club, after getting a report that the “Granby” is still leaking diesel. The Department of Ecology reports that they are aware of the situation, and are continuing to monitor the site. They also report that some minor leakage will continue until the boat is removed, a process that’s now expected to take about ten days. The 84 year-old, 75-foot fishing trawler sank at its moorings early on the morning of August 27th, with as much as 600 gallons of fuel and oil aboard. Divers were able to get to the sunken boat and pumped about 300 gallons of material out, but safety issues prevented them from getting all of the oil and fluids out. The cause of the sinking is still being investigated.