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Granby Update

Posted on 29th August 2013 at 15:59

The Department of Ecology says that the work to contain and clean up oil leaking from a fishing vessel that sunk at its moorings on Willow Grove Road is continuing. As of yesterday afternoon, an estimated 250 gallons of oil had been pumped from the 75-foot “Granby,” and it’s still estimated that between 50 and 100 gallons escaped after the sinking. DOE officials say that safety issues prevented divers from a hydraulic tank on the sunken boat; oil-containment booms and oil-absorbing pads remain deployed around the vessel. An advisory from the Cowlitz County Health Department remains in place, saying that people should not fish or swim in the Columbia River near the Willow Grove Park area until this cleanup is complete. They also advise you to keep pets out of the water in that area. At this time, there’s still no timeframe for completion of the cleanup, nor is there a schedule for raising and removing the vessel. Responders are continuing to assess possible impacts on wetlands, fish and wildlife downstream from the “Granby;” the cause of the sinking is also being investigated. The owner of the “Granby,” built in 1929, is continuing to cooperate with authorities, paying for much of the response.