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Guinness Certificate

Posted on 30th November 2017 at 07:53

Her record may have been broken, but Charity Rusch Marshall of Castle Rock now has official proof that she set a Guinness World Record when she paddled a giant pumpkin down the Cowlitz River between Castle Rock and Longview. On October 9th of last year, Marshall got into a 919-pound pumpkin that had been hollowed out, then paddled the giant gourd from the Al Helenberg Boat Launch in Castle Rock to Gerhart Gardens in Longview. Guinness people confirmed the record attempt at that time, but official recognition arrived earlier this month. Marshall says that she received an e-mail on the 9th, confirming that she was recognized as the world record holder for the longest distance paddled in a giant pumpkin. A man from Minnesota reportedly took the title from Marshall just one week later, but Marshall says that his 26-mile paddle hasn’t yet been officially recognized.