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Gun Arrest

Posted on 28th October 2013 at 16:14

Mark Garrett Hector, 25, of Kalama is under arrest on several felony counts, after he allegedly brought a pistol to a party in Kelso, and then pointed a laser sight at several people who were at that party. Kelso Police say that there were some problems at a party in the 200 block of Crawford Street, early on Saturday morning. People at the party say that Hector had tried to pick a fight with another man, and was ejected from the party. Hector reportedly came back about, armed with a 9MM pistol equipped with a laser sight. After pointing the gun at several people, Hector allegedly came back to the man he had been fighting with, and made a threat. Others at the party were able to disarm Hector; another fight started, with Hector coming out the loser. Kelso Police say that they did recover a loaded pistol from the scene; Hector was treated at St. John Medical Center, and then was booked on a burglary charge, along with seven counts of second-degree assault. He’s currently being held without bail.