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Gun Ban Lifted

Posted on 28th October 2013 at 16:14

The St. Helens School Board is reversing a previous decision, and will now allow guns to be carried as concealed weapons on school grounds. Back in March, the St. Helens School Board enacted a ban on all guns on school district property, even if someone had a concealed weapons permit. After some turnover on the School Board, the issue was re-visited at last Wednesday’s meeting, and the ban was rescinded on a 4-1 vote. Board member Ray Biggs says that he now feels that local kids are “more protected” now, citing the NRA mantra of “the only way you can stop a bad person with a gun is by having a good person with a gun.” Teachers and other school district personnel with concealed weapons permits will now be allowed to carry those weapons on school grounds in St. Helens.