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Gypsy Moths

Posted on 31st October 2014 at 09:06

After trapping 16 Gypsy Moths near Yacolt, steps will be taken to locate and eradicate those insects so that they don’t reproduce and spread. The Washington Department of Agriculture is announcing the results of this year’s Gypsy Moth trapping program, where about 20,000 traps were placed in trees, shrubs and other plants all around the state. Along with the moths trapped near Yacolt, seven moths were found in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area, along with single moths at two other parks in Seattle, Neah Bay, Port Townsend and Lake Whatcom. Physical inspections are now being conducted at the multi-moth sites, looking for other evidence of Gypsy Moth infestation. Interventions will likely be determined by the end of the year. It’s noted that all of the moths trapped are European Gypsy Moths, and none were the more dangerous Asian Gypsy Moths. The trapping program continues each year, to try and ensure that there are no permanent colonies of the pest.