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Haag Resentencing

Posted on 15th January 2018 at 08:42

Emotions ran high last Friday in Cowlitz County Superior Court, as Timothy Haag, 40, was brought in for a re-sentencing hearing in regard to his 1994 conviction for the murder of Rachel Dillard of Longview. Haag is being re-sentenced after a couple Supreme Court rulings, declaring that life without parole sentences for juvenile defendants is cruel and unusual punishment. Haag was 17 at the time of his crime, and was tried as an adult. In last Friday’s emotionally-charged hearing, Haag said that there’s nothing he can say to make up for his actions, saying “I hate myself for it.” Dillard’s family also spoke, urging Judge Michael Evans to keep Haag behind bars. Both the prosecution and the defense brought in psychological specialists, and after a full day of highly charged testimony, Evans says that he will hand down a decision at 10 am this Friday, the 19th. Haag could get a sentence that ranges from 25 years in prison all the way to life without parole.