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Hamm Testifies

Posted on 29th October 2013 at 15:27

A bereaved father from Kelso was in a San Bernardino courtroom yesterday, testifying in the sentencing phase of the murder and mayhem trial of John Wayne Thomson. Last week, Thomson was found guilty of murder, torture, aggravated mayhem and other felonies in connection with the August, 2006 killing of Charles Hedlund of Beaumont, California; he’s also the prime suspect in the July, 2006 murder of Lori Hamm of Kelso. In today’s Daily News and the San Bernardino Sun, Jerry Hamm talked about the devastation of losing his daughter, describing about how he and his wife still can’t drive by her old house. Hamm says “I just don’t get it.” He says that he would have given up her car, just to have his daughter back. Investigators say that Thomson befriended Hamm at a bar, then took her out to a wooded area near Castle Rock, shot her in the head, and stole her car. Thomson also described the murder in a video interview conducted back in the fall of 2006. Thomson faces the death penalty in the California case, but Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur says she still plans to bring Thomson to Cowlitz County to stand trial in Hamm’s murder.