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Harris Termination

Posted on 29th September 2011 at 08:31

Family and friends of recently terminated Port of Longview Marketing Director Valerie Harris are going on the offensive, claiming that she’s the victim of a vicious and calculated campaign. At Tuesday’s Port of Longview Commission meeting, Harris’ father, Bill White of Kalama, says that she is the victim of scandalous activity. White spent about 15 minutes presenting what he claims is evidence that Harris’ ex-husband and his new wife sent anonymous e-mails to Port officials, supposedly raising questions about her academic credentials and trustworthiness. At Tuesday’s meeting, the Port Commissioners voted unanimously to support the decision to terminate Harris, noting that all employees at the Port work at the discretion of Executive Director Ken O’Hollaren. White says that there’s no legal recourse for the termination, but he does claim that Port officials have been involved in illegal activity, improperly releasing Harris’ resume and other personnel records to unauthorized persons. White is calling for the immediate firing of O’Hollaren and the severance of the contract with Port Attorney Frank Randolph. White says that he’s meeting with the County Prosecutor’s Office to pursue criminal charges against those involved, and he’s also filing a complaint against Randolph with the Washington State Bar Association.