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Hartley Resigns

Posted on 17th April 2018 at 08:51

One week after going on medical leave, Clatskanie School Superintendent Lloyd Hartley is tendering his resignation. Following a special executive session of the Clatskanie School Board that was held last night, a vote was held to accept Hartley’s resignation, and to enter into a separation agreement. In a statement that was released last night, Hartley does not discuss his reasons for resigning, but he does offer to “assist with transitioning” to a new Superintendent. Hartley says that he plans to stay in the Clatskanie area, and he says that his kids will continue to attend school in Clatskanie. He thanks teachers and staff on behalf of his sons, and he also thanks the School Board for its continuing service to the schools and to the community. Hartley says that he will be “looking at other options” as he decides what his next steps will be. The Clatskanie School District is currently in turmoil over the School Board’s decision to terminate the contract of Elementary School Principal Brad Thorud; one member of the school board resigned after public backlash, and two others are facing a May 1st recall election over Thorud’s termination.