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Haussler Hassle

Posted on 22nd August 2014 at 08:39

A woman’s effort to recover a vehicle from the home where she had been living on Haussler Road apparently went south yesterday morning, with people claiming to have been run over, and a shot being fired at a speeding pickup. Kelso Police say that this got started just before 9 yesterday morning, when someone called 911, claiming that there had been a car-versus-pedestrian incident. Kelso Police stopped the supposed “suspect vehicle” at the bottom of the hill, where the male driver said that someone at the house had shot at him. Additional interviews show that the woman involved in the case had gone to the house with her current boyfriend, to pick up a car. Things eventually got heated, with the ex-boyfriend allegedly throwing a traffic cone at the current boyfriend’s pickup, and then starting to charge the truck. The current boyfriend gunned it and sped off, as David Harold Laursen, 63, allegedly pulled a 38-caliber pistol and fired one shot. Another 47 year-old man at the house claims that he had been hit by the pickup, but Kelso Police say that there was no evidence to support that claim. Laursen is now being held on a charge of first-degree assault, as the investigation continues.