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Headquarters Landfill Letter

Posted on 17th May 2018 at 06:34

The City of Kelso is joining the City of Longview and others in asking the Cowlitz County Commissioners to hit the brakes on the plans to enter into a public-private partnership of management and operation of the Headquarters Landfill. Kelso City Manager Steve Taylor is now sharing the letter that was approved at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, asking the Commissioners to delay any decisions until full input has been provided. In the letter, the city refers to the current Management of Solid Waste Agreement, pointing out the role of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, and the Governance Committee that reviews solid waste management in the county. The letter says that transfer of the Landfill would “significantly alter the current waste system,” without input or consideration by either the SWAC or the Governance Committee. It’s noted that the greenhouse gas rules that have been identified as a financial burden for the county have been invalidated, so the main impetus for changing management has been removed. Kelso Mayor Nancy Malone signed the letter, asking the Board of Commissioners to delay any decisions until the SWAC, the Governance Committee and the public had had a chance to provide input.