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Health Care Forum

Posted on 18th September 2013 at 16:07

About 100 people attended last night’s Community Meeting that was put on the by Health Care Foundation, looking at the costs that are charged for health care in the local area. At “Health Care Dollars and Sense,” Yale journalism professor Steven Brill spoke via Skype about his Time magazine expose’ titled “Bitter Pill—Why Medical Bills are Killing Us.” Brill says that he didn’t know much about this until the discussion started over Affordable Care Act. He says that his work had him start researching how much hospitals, drug companies and insurance companies charge for specific procedures and materials. He claims to have found that those organizations basically have free rein to charge anything they want. Brill says that there needs to be a “rebellion” by consumers, demanding more transparency in the health care industry, so that people know how much they’re being charged and why. In a panel discussion after Brill’s comments, Sy Johnson with PeaceHealth, Sue Hennesey with Kaiser Permanente and Dian Cooper with the Family Health Center held a panel discussion over the topics raised, and all claim that they’re working to keep consumer costs low, and to make the process as transparent as possible. Health Care Foundation President C. C. Bridgewater says that this forum was intended to open up the discussion on this issue, and he hopes that local residents will start the process of becoming more informed health care consumers.