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Health Report

Posted on 31st March 2011 at 08:05

The Cowlitz County Health Department says that the report is “better” than last year, but Cowlitz County still ranks near the bottom of the list in health rankings for Washington state. The second annual report of the Robert Wood Johnson and University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute’s County Health Rankings were released yesterday, showing that Cowlitz County ranks 32nd overall out of Washington’s 39 counties. That’s up from 34th last year. Cowlitz County ranks 33rd in Mortality and 31st in Morbidity. After ranking 38th in “Health Behaviors” last year, this year, Cowlitz County is dead last in that category, looking at things like tobacco use, diet and exercise, alcohol use and high-risk sexual behaviors. After having a number 2 ranking in Clinical Care in 2010, Cowlitz County slips to number 9 this year. The county went up from 37 to 32 in Social and Economic Factors, but dropped form 16 to 25 in Physical and Environment. Monica Monteon with the County Health Department says that the report emphasizes that where you live, work and play matters to your health. She says that by working to create a community where people can choose to, and have the means to make healthy lifestyle decisions, then we will see healthier and happier people. Full details on the report are available at