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Heavy Surf

Posted on 25th November 2011 at 08:25

There’s still strong weather to the west of us, with a high surf advisory in effect until ten this morning. The Weather Service says that a westerly swell of 20 to 23 feet will continue through the morning. The Coast Guard currently has the Columbia River bar closed, along with the bars at Grays Harbor and Quillayute. Those bars will remain closed until the ocean conditions improve. The Coast Guard was involved in a rescue near the mouth of the Columbia yesterday afternoon, saving three adults and two children aboard a pleasure boat near Warrenton. Around 12:45 pm, a distress call came in from a 22-foot boat that had lost power, and was dragging its anchor about a mile north of Desdemona Sands. A motor lifeboat was dispatched from Cape Disappointment, and was able to tow the vessel to Hammond. There were no injuries.