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Hit and Run Arrest

Posted on 18th March 2014 at 16:27

Kelso Police helped Longview Police in tracking down a hit-and-run suspect last night, following an incident that took place in the 2200 block of Cascade Way. This got started around 8:15 last night, when a woman reported hearing a crash outside of her house, and then looked out and saw that a man driving a pickup had hit her mailbox. The suspect did not remain on the scene, driving off in the direction of Ocean Beach Highway. Further checking shows that at least two other mailboxes in that area had also been hit. A little before 10 pm, Officers spotted the damaged truck driving along Ocean Beach Highway, heading toward Kelso. As police started to close in, the suspect reportedly ditched his truck near the Twin Cities Center, and tried to take off on foot. KPD caught Nathan Eric Dahl, 23, just after 10 pm. He’s facing a number of charges, including first-degree malicious mischief, possession of drugs, driving while suspended and obstructing an officer. Dahl also faces three misdemeanor counts of hit-and-run, and was presented with warrants for DUI and possession of marijuana. Dahl is now being held in the Cowlitz County Jail.