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Holgerson Speaks

Posted on 20th August 2018 at 08:55

Taylor Smith, 18, is now being charged with reckless endangerment, as the video of her allegedly pushing Jordan Holgerson, 16, of Kalama off of the Moulton Falls Bridge goes viral. Holgerson is also continuing to get air time after, and she says that she thinks that her friend probably should spend some time in jail. Speaking on the “NBC Today” show, Holgerson says that Smith needs some time to think. The viral video from August 7th shows Holgerson on the bridge railing, being urged to jump by friends. Holgerson is hesitant, and Smith urges to jump, or she threatens to push the girl. Smith can then be seen pushing Holgerson in the back, followed by Holgerson flailing in the air as she falls some 50 feet into the water. Holgerson lands face-first, breaking six ribs, puncturing both lungs, and bruising her esophagus. Holgerson is out of the hospital, but she’s being advised to avoid activity for about six weeks. Smith has admitted pushing Holgerson, and she’s cooperating with the Clark County Prosecutor. Holgerson tells “Today” that she would like the Smith family to pay for her hospital stay; a lawsuit for damages may also be considered.