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Homeless Student Grant

Posted on 31st August 2017 at 09:00

A consortium involving the Kelso and Longview School Districts is getting more than $111,000 from the State of Washington, a grant that will help support and provide services to homeless students in both districts. This comes after a report that came out last year, saying that the number of homeless youth in Cowlitz County has doubled in the past five years. The Office of Public Instruction says that the “Kelso Consortia” was one of 12 programs that received funding, out of 49 applications that were received. District officials say that this money will help to hire a “graduation coach” at the three high schools in Kelso and Longview, which will work with the homeless youth to get them to their diplomas, and then beyond. A full-time “homeless liaison” will be hired in each district, and staff will be getting additional coaching and training for dealing with the trauma of being homeless. The hiring process for these people starts immediately. It’s noted that one in 20 students in Cowlitz County does not have a fixed, adequate or regular home to go to.