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Homicide Arrest

Posted on 3rd March 2015 at 09:08

Longview Police continue to investigate the incident, but they are announcing that an arrest has been made in connection with Sunday’s killing of Alisha Ann McLeod, 29, a Vancouver native who was living in Longview. Detectives say that McLeod’s body was found Sunday at her apartment on 7th Avenue, and they also say that Lucas Robert Dale Rasmussen, 36, is under arrest in connection with that death. Investigators say that McLeod’s roommate, Hollie Erickson, had come home at about 5 pm on Sunday, just as Rasmussen was leaving. Rasmussen went back into the apartment with Erickson, and that’s when she found McLeod’s body. An autopsy shows that McLeod died from blunt force head injuries, apparently delivered by Rasmussen, using a hammer that he had brought to the scene. In court documents, Rasmussen is quoted as saying that he had been thinking about killing someone for “some time,” and he went after McLeod because “she was rude and needed to be taught a lesson.” Rasmussen says that he chased McLeod and hit her multiple times with the hammer, and she eventually stopped breathing. Afterwards, he allegedly touched her in a sexual manner, and also pleasured himself. Rasmussen reportedly cooperated with police, showing them where he had disposed of the hammer. Rasmussen is now being held on charges of first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and for sexually violating human remains. The investigation is continuing, as Rasmussen is being held without bail.