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Horse Neglect Sentence

Posted on 17th April 2018 at 08:50

Tessita Woodard, 43, of Castle Rock is going to jail for seven days, and is being banned from owning horses for two years after her conviction on second-degree animal cruelty charges. Back in October of 2016, the Humane Society seized a horse named β€œDust,” who was owned by Woodard, and was suffering from malnutrition and a severe infection caused by flies. Woodard was arrested in January of 2017, and was charged with first-degree animal cruelty. The Daily News reports on the two-day trial in Cowlitz County District Court, where Judge David Koss convicted Woodard on a single count of second-degree animal cruelty. The court ruled that Woodard failed to provide emergency assistance to the animal, or to have the horse humanely put down. Woodard took the stand in her own defense, claiming that she has cared for horses her entire life, and she did what she thought was right for Dust. In the end, Koss stated that β€œIt goes without saying that this is an animal undergoing unnecessary suffering and pain.” Dust is now being cared for at a rescue facility.