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Hospital Hostage

Posted on 30th May 2013 at 16:49

Justin Minh Tran, 20, of Longview is under arrest on multiple felony charges after an incident that took place Saturday at St. John Medical Center, where he allegedly held a fork to the throat of a nurse in a brief hostage situation incident. Today’s Daily News reports on the incident; Tran had been arrested on the 20th of this month, picked up in connection with a first-degree burglary case. He reportedly told jail workers that he’d swallowed baggies of illegal drugs, so he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. At the hospital, he allegedly put a female nurse in a head lock, and put the fork to her neck. As a Corrections Officer moved toward the pair, Tran supposedly tried to use the nurse as a shield. The nurse was able to force Tran’s hand away from her neck, and the officer began punching Tran in the head. The nurse escaped as the two men went to the floor, and the guard claims that Tran tried to take his gun. Tran was eventually subdued and placed in restraints. He was eventually returned to the jail, where he now faces counts of second and third-degree assault, second-degree escape, and attempting to disarm an officer. Along with the previous counts, his bail now totals $255,000.