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House Fires

Posted on 27th December 2011 at 09:06

It was a busy night for local firefighters, dealing with house fires in Longview and Kelso. Around 7:20 pm, a fire was reported at 278 25th Avenue in Longview. Witnesses reported that flames were visible as the house was being evacuated, with the fire spreading quickly. Longview Police were on the scene within a couple of minutes, saying that the house was fully involved in flames, and that the windows were blowing out. Those on the scene also reported that the fire was starting to threaten a neighboring house. Longview Fire crews were joined by Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue in the response. Full details on the fire have yet to be released, including the possible cause and a dollar estimate on damage.

About ten minutes to 11 pm, Cowlitz 2 was called out again, when a fire was reported in bedroom at 1108 South 8th in Kelso. The 911 caller reported that flames were visible, making that report as people were evacuating the house. Kelso Police reported seeing heavy smoke coming from the roof of the house. Firefighters were on the scene in just a few minutes. So far, there’s been no report on the cause of the fire or total damage done. At this time, no injuries were reported in either incident.