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House Gassed

Posted on 10th August 2018 at 09:31

A Woodland-area woman is now in protective custody, after she allegedly tried to set a house on fire on York Street in Woodland. This got started at about 8:45 yesterday morning, when an alarm was reported at the home. When Deputies arrived at the home, they found the front door wide open; when they went in, it was discovered that gasoline had been dumped through three rooms. They say that gas cans were lying about the house, along with a “torch lighter” that was on the floor. Fire crews were called in, along with Cascade Natural Gas, to shut the gas off to the house. Later in the morning, the woman called her mother, reporting that this was a suicide attempt. It’s reported that the woman was upset over a pending divorce, along with financial issues. They eventually learned that the woman had driven to Morton, where she was eventually taken to Morton General Hospital. Woodland Police say that they do have probable cause to charge the woman with second-degree arson, but the mental health evaluations and treatment will take priority.