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House Hit

Posted on 17th August 2018 at 07:04

Two juveniles could be facing charges after a car crash that happened early yesterday morning in the 100 block of Country Place in Longview. At 2:25 am, the woman living in the house called 911, reporting that a small pickup had just hit her house. She says that at least two individuals were in the truck. The woman reported that the two people were trying to push the truck out, but they couldn’t move it. The driver reportedly said that “their steering locked up.” The two people ran off before Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, but they were found and arrested a short time later. That happened after a woman living in the 100 block of Canyon View Drive called 911 to report that two people had crashed through her gate, and now they were in her back yard. Deputies arrived quickly and took two people into custody. It appears that at least one was intoxicated, reportedly registering a blood alcohol level of .131. There’s no word yet on the amount of damage done to the house on Country Place.