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Hunting Death

Posted on 30th May 2014 at 16:50

Details are now starting to come out about the death of Jeff Cooper, 59, of Toutle, who was shot and killed while bear hunting in British Columbia. Family members are being quoted as saying that Cooper was killed Monday in an area about 60 miles south of the town of Houston, BC, as he and two hunting guides were being charged by a wounded bear. Cooper apparently had wounded the bear Sunday night, and the group was able to track it down Monday morning. The bear charged, and everyone in the group fired. A bullet fired by one of the guides apparently hit and killed Cooper. The RCMP continues to investigate to investigate the incident, saying that homicide hasn’t been ruled out. In the Vancouver Sun, Corporal Dave Tyreman says that they have interviewed everyone involved, and all are being cooperative. Tyreman says that the “best outcome” would be for this to have been a tragic accident, but nothing has been ruled out at this time. He says the evidence will be collected and then will be allowed to “speak for itself.” Cooper’s family is reportedly making arrangements to have his body returned to this area; memorial arrangements are pending.