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I-5 Tumble

Posted on 26th April 2013 at 16:21

Jarrid Moore, 25, of Woodland has to consider himself to be pretty lucky this morning, having suffered only minor injuries when he crashed his motorcycle on a bridge over I-5, then was ejected onto the freeway below. State Troopers say that this crash happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon, as Moore was riding with several other people on Highway 14. Moore had been southbound on the freeway, then took the exit to Highway 14. They say that he failed to negotiate the left-hand curve, and hit the cement barrier. Moore flipped off of his bike, landing on the grassy median some 25 to 30 feet below. After landing on the grass, he rolled or bounced onto the paved shoulder of the freeway. Moore was taken to a hospital in Portland to get treatment for a head injury and a cut to his knee. Responders say that they had been “expecting the worst and hoped for the best; we got the best.” The crash investigation is continuing; Moore was cited for having no driver’s license and no motorcycle endorsement.