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ID Theft

Posted on 16th June 2017 at 09:01

Aurora S. Fulmer, 34, of Winlock is in jail, accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the estate of another woman. The Centralia Chronicle reports on the case, reporting that Fulmer is accused of stealing $44,000 from the woman, both while she was in the hospital, and then continuing after the woman’s death. The case got started in February, when a relative of the dead woman was given her possessions. It’s reported that Fulmer claimed to be the woman’s caregiver, also claiming to have power of attorney. They allege that legal documents were altered by Fulmer, and ATM records show Fulmer making multiple withdrawals from the dead woman’s account. Fulmer was in Lewis County Superior Court on Wednesday, charged with three counts of second-degree identity theft and one count of second-degree theft. Fulmer was released on bail until her next court appearance.