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ILWU Update

Posted on 9th January 2012 at 10:05

It’s now being reported that the number of Longshore Union members and supporters who’ve had misdemeanor trespassing charges dropped is up to nine, as the review of each case continues. The Daily News is also publishing names of those who’ve had the charges dropped, reporting on a court filing from December 30th. Three Kelso residents, Cary Brister, Matthew Hellem, Lowell Lovegren are among those with cases dismissed, along with Jeffrey Bryant, Lenora Bryant and Gregory Cares of Vancouver. they’d been arrested on September 7th, in connection with a demonstration outside of the EGT grain terminal. In addition, misdemeanor charges are also being dropped against George Johnson of Kelso, Shelly Porter of Longview and William Roberts of Clatskanie, who were picked up on July 25th. Except for Roberts, the cases were dismissed “without prejudice,” which means that they could be refiled at a future date. As we reported last week, County Prosecutor Sue Baur says that each case is being reviewed before it moves ahead, she says that charges could be dropped in each of the weaker cases. She says that the resources of her office will be directed to their stronger cases. More than 130 people have been arrested in connection with the protests in July and September of last year, including nine that still have felony charges pending against them.