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Incest Sentence

Posted on 12th July 2013 at 16:25

George Nick Lammi of Clatskanie is 57 years old right now, but he would be at least 113 years old before he’ll be out of custody, after being sentenced for his conviction of sexually abusing an underage female relative. In early June, Lammi was convicted on three charges of first-degree rape, 16 counts of first-degree sodomy, eight counts of first-degree sexual abuse and 19 counts of incest. All of the incidents involve the same underage female relative. At a Columbia County Circuit Court hearing earlier this week, Judge Steven Reed sentenced Lammi to 675 months in prison, or more than 56 years. The crimes involved are “Measure 11” offenses, so there’s no chance of early release. The sentence also specifies lifetime supervision after the time is served, but as was noted before, Lammi would be 113 years old when his term is up.