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Incompetency Ruling

Posted on 26th November 2010 at 09:06

Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge James Warme has found that Martin Lee Starett, 53, of Longview is mentally incompetent to stand trial on charges of child molestation and second-degree assault. The Daily News has the full story on the ruling that came out on Monday; on August 13th of last year, Starett’s sister reportedly learned that he had been molesting two boys, and she tried to evict him from her house. It’s claimed that Starett lunged at his sister with a steak knife. He was arrested, then about four months later, additional assault charges were added after he allegedly spit on a security officer. Starett was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation, after it had been determined that he had “low intellect, and suffers from an intellectual defect.” After that evaluation, it was determined that Starett is completely unable to understand what’s going on; his attorney, John Hays, says that Starett is no more competent than a five year-old that can’t talk or understand. Warme ruled that the charges against Starett be dropped, and that he undergo an evaluation for a possible civil commitment. Starett remains in custody at this time; Hays says that arrangements are being made to transfer Starett to a group home in Arizona, near the home of a sister.