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Indy Way/Oregon Way Options

Posted on 18th April 2017 at 08:56

The people who are working on the Industrial Way/Oregon Way Intersection Project report that they are now down to two alternatives, and that both will now be evaluated in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. With $85 million in state funding in the bank, Cowlitz County is working with the Washington Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration in studying ways to address traffic congestion, travel reliability, freight mobility, emergency response and safety issues at the intersection, billed as one of the busiest truck tonnage intersections in the entire state. After public meetings and a two-step screening process, two options are now being evaluated, along with a “no build” option. Refined Grade Separated Option A realigns the Reynolds Lead rail line, while Refined Partial Grade Separated Option B does not. “GSA” elevates all traffic movements of the new intersection, while “PGSB” elevates some movements, while leaving east-west traffic at the current grade. A Draft EIS is now being developed, and is due to be published in the fall. That will be followed by a 45-day comment period with a public hearing and an open house. Full details are available on the project web page.