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Internet Rape

Posted on 29th October 2013 at 15:26

A 47 year-old man from Lakewood is under arrest, picked up after he allegedly had sex with a 13 year-old Kelso girl that he met on-line while he was deployed in Afghanistan. Glen Winans was arrested this past Saturday, after he and the girl had gone to a restaurant for breakfast after their sexual encounter. Authorities in Pierce County say that Winans and the girl first connected several months ago, through the website. Winans claims that the girl told him that she was 15. They met in person about a month ago, with Winans driving to Kelso to meet her at her home. They went to a movie, and then had sex that night. Last Friday, Winans reportedly picked the girl up at her home, and then took her to his home in Lakewood, where they once again had sex. The girl stayed overnight, and then she and Winans went out for breakfast at a local restaurant. A waitress reportedly overheard Winans say that he “liked young girls, so she called police. Officers took the girl aside, and she told them that they had sex. Winans was arrested at the restaurant, and his now being charged with second-degree rape of a child. His bail has been set at $100,000.