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Interview and Isolation Policies

Posted on 28th January 2014 at 17:04

The Kelso School District is updating a couple of policies involving students, one dealing with Interviews and Interrogation of Students on School Premises, the other dealing with Isolation and Restraint of Students with Individual Education Programs and Section 504 Plans. Superintendent Rob MacGregor says that they’re trying to comply with state law, while also protecting student rights and safety…studentpolicies…The Interview and Interrogation Policy and Procedure lines out the circumstances and procedures that will be followed if police agencies or Child Proctective Services needs to question a student, including the process of parent notification, the protection of student rights, and the ability to have a third party sit in on those interviews. The Isolation and Restraint Policy and Procedure addresses those situations when a disruptive student might need to be removed from a classroom, to prevent the disruption of learning time for other students. The Policy and Procedure spells out the process that will be followed, to be certain that this isn’t being used as a form of discipline or punishment. Full details on these policies and procedures are available from the Kelso School District.