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Jail Assault

Posted on 1st November 2013 at 16:15

In addition to the previous felony charges he was facing, Patrick Ray Carlson, 24, of Kelso faces a new assault charge, after he allegedly attacked another inmate at the Cowlitz County Jail. Around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, Corrections staff contacted the Sheriff’s Office, reporting that Carlson had punched another inmate. They claim that Carlson hit Kevin Grant Fanning, 43, several times in the face, as Fanning was lying in his bunk. It doesn’t appear that Fanning was serious injured; a new charge of fourth-degree assault is being added to the other charges Carlson is facing. He was booked into the jail on the 3rd of October, and is awaiting trial on charges of residential burglary, possession of a dangerous weapon and possession of stolen property.